Sunday, February 25, 2018

Mental Health is Where We Are Failing - Just My Opinion

I'm tired people shooting up people. I'm tired of hearing how banning semi-automtic rifles will stop mass shootings, I'm tired of hearing the political term "Assault Weapons," I'm tired of crazy people and domestic terrorists committing atrocities and I'm tired of hearing "+30,000 people die from gun violence."

Your Red Herring

Banning AR-15's and similar center-fire semi-automatic rifles along with other proposed "assault weapons" is absolutely a red herring and will not prevent someone from using a firearm such as a pump-action shotgun and/or a handgun to commit a mass shooting. My cherry-picked evidence of this comes in the form of the Charleston, SC church shooting and Virginia Tech shooting where those persons committed their crimes with handguns. In another attack that occurred in Germany in 2002, a person with a pump-action shotgun (an extremely ubiquitous firearm here in the US) and a handgun attacked a school, killing teachers. With this information, it's very clear that an AR-15 is not the only firearm that can be used in a mass shooting. This is your evidence that banning these touted "assault weapons" will prevent mass shootings is a "red herring."

So what will?


As long as people have a basic understanding of what a firearm is and how it works, a motivated person can fabricate a firearm easily and commit a mass shooting (the FBI defines a mass shooting as when 4 or more are shot but not necessarily killed). Yes, banning guns and strictly controlling their access and limiting those who would have access to said firearms will reduce mass shootings assuming you were able to confiscate the ones here in the US one wanted to prohibit (good luck with that blood bath). In parallel, if you ban alcohol the number of DUI's would probably drop since the substance is less prevalent. Though this is the US and we literally have a sport that was born from running illegal alcohol (NASCAR). So again, good luck with that. That's where that similarity ends but the basic idea is that if there is more of something that exists, you are more likely to run into it being used inappropriately. This goes for everything that exists including Free Speech. All in all, you will never see control like you see in Japan and Germany as long as the Supreme Court says the Heller case is canon.

So how can we MINIMIZE mass shootings.

The reality is that we need to analyze the various attacks but from what I can tell, the most common denominator is mental health. Other reasons exist such as a non-violent person breaking down and attacking in a fit of passion/anxiety or a terrorist attack but those are going to be difficult to stop and require a different approach.

My opinion is that the mental health infrastructure is what should be addressed. An analysis of the laws on the books will be needed to see where we can create a precision law, and not a shotgun blast like a ban would be, that would protect people's rights AND lives. Personally I feel that life without freedom is slavery.

It appears that law enforcement dropped the ball with the Parkland shooting and could have prevented it by putting this kid on the NICS list prior to his 18th birthday. It appears they had several opportunities. Remember that we do have a system in place but if we don't use it correctly then there isn't really a point in having it.

If we can improve our mental health infrastructure, we befit from not only in helping reduce these attacks but we also stand to improve some of the lives of those 44,000 people that commit suicide every year.

But "30,000+ people die from gun violence every year!"

The people who push this number clump the 19,000 people who would commit suicide with a firearm in with people who murder the other 11,000. I feel this is inappropriate and unhelpful if not down right disrespectful to those people suffering from depression and anxiety that choose to end their life. By sorting out how to better handle the mental health issue and narrowly tailoring our laws, we stand a chance of not only saving a few of the 11,000 from being mowed down during a mass shooting, we can also save some of the 44,000 who choose to kill themselves, all while protecting our rights.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Quickie - S&W 380 Shield EZ - Going After Walther's PK380?

Smith and Wesson just announced a new Shield chambered in .380 ACP that is user friendly. Based on the specifications and design, I assume that the premise is to provide an extremely user intuitive, feature rich pistol that limited mobility users will have no issue operating. They call it the EZ because of the low human effort needed to rack the slide and load the magazine. Racking the slide on most automatics can be a problem for users (such as a recent client I had) that have arthritis or weak wrists from an injury or surgery. The magazine features a load button similar to what is found on Ruger's 22 pistol line up making loading easier. The pistol has a 3.6 inch barrel which makes the pistol larger than your average 380 but the extra length means a lighter recoil spring. It'll still be easy to carry but shooters with wrist issues shouldn't have too much trouble. One notable feature is they have done away with the manual safety model and added a grip safety.

It seems this pistol is very similar to the Walther PK380 which is another pistol I would like to look at.

The Smith and Wesson 380 Shield EZ has an MSRP on $399. Once these hit the market, I'll be picking up one for testing.

P.S. - According to Julie Golob, this is a hammer fired pistol unlike the standard Shield lineup. This is probably a single action only deal which works for me. She also reports a manual safety model is available.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

SIG P365 - Quaint.

On Monday, SIG announced their latest entry into the concealed carry market; the SIG P365. Immediately, while laying in bed, I figured they named it to reflect some sort of carry gun you'd carry 365 days a year. Quaint marketing, SIG. That said, it doesn't appear to be all gimmicks.

It's basically targeting the single stack 9 market like the Shield and G43 but with a double-stack magazine giving it 10 rounds over the other two's single digit capacities.

This should turn out to be an interesting addition and I look forward to taking a look at one.

I guess the only real question is, does it take Glock mags?

Sunday, December 31, 2017

And Thus Begins a New Year

It has officially rolled over midnight on the clock here in the Eastern time zone. In closing out 2017, I had some pretty good projects. Easily my favorite project was #ProjectPDW. After quite a bit of effort, the project was completed and works fantastically. A 9MM parabelum side-charging AR that uses Glock magazines turns out to be pretty fun.

2018 should be interesting. I have a big project for 2018 in mind and details mostly planned out but it will depend mostly on if I can purchase the parts. I have another project that, believe it or not, doesn't involve firearms that should prove fun.

I have some other smaller projects that aren't involved that I will post on as I complete them.

I hope your New Years went well. I spent mine at work. Here's to a prosperous 2018.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Merry Christmas my fellow Humans or whatever.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, or if you don't care, have a nice weekend. This has been a crazy year for me but a good year, all in all. Don't forget to reflect on the positives that happened this year, folks.

Please be safe out there and enjoy your time if you can.

May your gun be with you always and your phone hold a good charge.

Monday, December 4, 2017

H.R. 38 - The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 - Do it. Just do it.

Recently, one of the House committees voted in favor of a very important bill. While I'm not pleased with the method of execution, states like New Jersey and Maryland are the reason this is happening. If those states had bothered to recognize their citizen's rights, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

 As a Georgia resident, I am not directly impacted by this legislation. The reason for that is because the states that surround Georgia and that states that I regularly travel to and through, all have reciprocity with Georgia. The only state that I have traveled into since moving to Georgia is Maryland and that was on my way to the Canaan Valley. I've also skirted D.C.

When I passed through Maryland (Oakland specifically) I stowed my sidearm until I got into the Canaan Valley. The funny thing I noticed on my drive was the small amount of signage that indicates that you've entered Maryland on those back roads. It would be easy to make a wrong turn and end up in an unfriendly state.

The way this bill benefits me is through requiring Maryland to recognize my permit. This would make it so that as I drive through Oakland from Morgantown down to the Canaan Valley, I would not be in violation of Maryland law by carrying my legally owned handgun and not having an impossible-for-the-average-citizen-to-acquire permit.

That is the main benefit of this law.

From what I understand, however, is that this bill may also make it so a resident of Maryland or New Jersey that isn't otherwise prohibited in another state, could receive a non-resident permit (provided they pass the background checks and meet the requirements) from another state (such as Utah or Virginia) and could still carry in their hyper-restrictive home state. If that is true, this finally gives those residents a much needed vector to exercise their natural rights.

It also, allegedly, protects you from magazine and ammunition limitations.

This needs to pass immediately. If it does, I would actually consider visiting states like New York for vacation.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

CZ P10c - Damn it. I'm a gun hipster / CZ Fanboi...

Well, it finally happened. I found a CZ P10c at a local gun shop and for a good price. It is now mine. I look forward to shooting it this weekend but from what I can immediately tell you is that the trigger is fantastic. I already have ideas on what I want to do with this baby. I'm thinking a flat face trigger, new sights, RMR cuts, Cerakote and a stipple job plus an Inforce APL-C.

I'm pretty sure it's better than the Walther PPQ but I do have one complaint. The mag release is stiff as hell.

Update: It's gonna go back CZ for repairs. After pulling the mag release apart then putting it back together, the release doesn't move at all now. CZ can sort it out after I take pictures with the APL-c on it.

Update 2: I had CZ send me a replacement spring which did not help. The mag drops straight out when the slide slams forward aka normal operation. I really want this thing to work so, it needs to go back to CZ this week. 

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