Tuesday, May 26, 2009

First Tech Post! - Nothing Really; Just rambling

Being a technophile, I like anything that can connect me to the internet. One thing that manages to get me thinking every time is when I visit my grandparents. Most of my family has internet and those who don't at least have a computer. However, my Mema and Pepa have stayed away from computers for the most part. My Mema maintains that anything she needs to type up she can do with her word processor (I think its an old dot matrix printer with a keyboard) that saves to floppy disks. I think its funny but hey she likes it.

As a result of them staying away from computers they have no use for the internet. What really doesn't help is that their house is about 5 miles from town and the farm is about 11 miles. This means that the cable company most likely won't run cable out far enough for me to even have the option. However, my grandparents do have satellite and telephone so those are connection options.

But May 25th is a red letter day. While I was visiting over the weekend, my Mema asked me about getting a computer. Not to mention that she wanted to be able to look up recepies and maybe be able to make greating cards. I was astounded! Not only is she considering a computer, she's even considering... THE INTERNET...

Because of this, I've been looking around for a machine that she would like and looking for a way to connect. Finding a cheap computer is easy. Finding a cheap internet connection... Not so easy.

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