Thursday, December 24, 2009

Me and Guns

I'm an avid gun fan and fully believe that everyone should have experience with a firearm. I think BB/pellet guns are a good and fun way of getting into this area and learning the basics, having trigger time with a larger caliber weapon is always a good idea though. Having someone to teach you to be safe is a must so starting out young is important. Burn that safety into your kids' heads!

I grew up in the suburbs and at 7 I was given a Marksman BB pump rifle (similar to the 2025 but an older version) for Christmas. I loved that thing and I took when we'd go on vacation to visit the family in WV. A few years later I received my first pistol which was a Marksman 1010 with the dartboard. That was a cool gun. Since then I've had various BB/pellet and paintball guns, most of which I still have today. Eventually I got a Savage Arms 64 F after having spent time with my Pepa's pump action .22 Short rifle and .22 magnum revolver.

Anyway, since high school, I've been shopping for guns, looking for something that I liked but I never got anything. I had gotten a chance to shoot various pistols and rifles which I determined that I liked shooting the 1911 in .45 over a Glock in .45 and that a 9mm just didn't work for me. Also, I found out that watching all those gun shows on the History channel helped because I knew how to shoot the percussion cap muzzle loader they had at the shoot I went to. (Older muzzle loaders have a short delay from when you pull the trigger to when the projectile leaves the barrel), though I'm no expert.

Recently, I turned 22 and decided to purchase my first firearm.* Since I had been

I just bought my first pistol at the gun show held here in Kent. It was my first gun show and I got to see many guns that I liked; I had a ton of fun. They had SCARs, AR-15's, FS2000s and M1As. I was in heaven. Anyway, I went to the show thinking I shouldn't buy but if I find the right Springfield 1911 then I'll get it. So, as I was walking around I found a booth with that had various pistols. I hadn't held many pistols so I picked up an H&K USP. It felt nice but the $880 price tag just didn't do it for me. He also had a Springfield XD on the table so I picked it up as well. It felt nice as well which was good because when the XD came out I was in high school. I remember seeing the website for it and instantly I emailed it to my fried to have him look at it. I liked the look of the XD and having felt the gun in hand reassured that my liking the gun was on target. I considered it but the $500~ tag said to go look around first.

*Note: I don't consider a BB, pellet or paintball gun a "firearm" due to the lack of "fire." They use compressed air to propel the projectile instead of a chemical reaction; this doesn't make a BB, pellet or paintball gun any safer and I handle ANY projectile weapon as if it were a firearm.

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