Saturday, April 6, 2013

Random Gun Thought - Repercussions of Actions

Here's an idea. If I can't have an AR-15 but can have a handgun then journalists can't have a blog but can have twitter page. If I don't need more than ten rounds in a magazine then 150 characters in twitter should be enough. If you need more than 150 characters then just use another post. If I have to keep my guns in a safe with a trigger lock on just to make sure crims can't get them and use them for crimes, then journalists should require a special router that establishes a VPN connection that blocks all other traffic just so they can edit their pages; that way hackers can't get into their page and post slanderous things. If I have to register my guns then journalists should register their IP address and computer's MAC address. If I have to go through a background check to make sure I'm not a criminal or crazy (you know so I don't go commit crimes) then journalists should get checked to make sure they don't commit slander that would hurt Bloomberg's or Hillary's political career. Besides why would need voice your own opinion when the government can do it for you. You elected them into office in the first place, right?

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