Monday, March 17, 2014

The Ammo Shortage - It's annoying

For many a gunny looking for ammo, they know that it's been pretty hard to find various rounds. Out of all the common calibers, .22 rimfire seems to be the hardest of the bunch, which is my biggest gripe. I used to shoot more often than I do these days (which is about once a year now that I'm in Maryland) so I'm not needing as much as before but I'm still trying to keep some stock. I rarely purchase ammo from anywhere other than WalMart (because of pricing) unless it's .380 ACP FMJ or surplus 7.62x54R and even then I'm mindful of pricing. Just trying to find .22 rimfire is most annoying.

I had thought I had more .22 than I had but when I reviewed my stock I realized I had a much lower count; about half a box. Since then I started looking for .22 but I knew getting it was going to be hard. I've bought about 6 boxes total since 2012. Three boxes of 50 count and three boxes of 525 count. I've heard I can go to gun shows to get ammo but I'm not spending $60 for a 500 round box. Enter my little run in with a local.

While at the WalMart I frequent, I found three boxes of .22 Long Rifle. I had shown up early just to get it and I had to pester several people to open the cage. While waiting for help another person-of-the-gun showed up and we had a chat. This individual had noted that he shows up regularly to buy what ever he can which is normal. Even I swing by the cage every time I go shopping. Note that the local WalMart limits three boxes per customer per day. He already had about 8000 rounds per caliber (which I'd be VERY happy with) but his usual deal? Despite having more ammo in one caliber than I have in total, he buys any ammo he can then sells it at gun shows for marked up prices...

I like capitalism and I can appreciate making a buck but this is partly why I (and others) can't find .22 and other calibers and it's annoying. I'm trying to be budget minded here. So paying 3x the normal cost isn't something I'm inclined to do. Now, I'm not trying to stock up 10,000 rounds per caliber or anything of the sort but a few normal boxes of .22 would be nice.

How can we help this ammo shortage? Well if you already have about 1000 rounds for each caliber (and it's not an odd-ball caliber) then STOP BUYING AMMO FROM PEOPLE AT JACKED UP PRICES! Maybe guys like the person mentioned above will stopped buying so much if people stop buying from them.

That said, the moment prices normalize I'll buy a few 7.62x54R spam cans and a 5000 round bucket of .22.

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