Monday, June 30, 2014

Sites Related to Scholarly Research on the Consistution and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

When I do my research I find myself referencing different sites. I have found many of different sites but here I will list the ones I frequent the most.


GunCite provides numerous resources such as links to various gun related information as well as counter arguments to control and other gun related regulations. So far it has not proved to be so extreme in it's position (at least in my opinion) and provides for what I would call a level headed approach to the subject. Much of what best represents my views can be found on GunCite.

A great example of what I believe as well as my approach can be found at this link

I did not compose the linked piece (or anything found on GunCite) but it's an excellent example of my views, such as how some infringements are constitutionally acceptable (such as NICS checks) as long as they are not excessive and over-reaching.

Others I've Researched

Gun Scholar

Gun Scholar is new to me but the Author is one that has come up before; Eugene Volokh. The name may sound familiar as his work has been referenced in cases regarding the Second Amendment and is a contributor to his blog, the Volohk Conspiracy

Gun Scholar provides names and information regarding various gun related works. If you research those names you may find their contributions in this field.

Volokh Subcommittee Testimony  -
Volokh Sources -

I will add more as I progress but these are just a few.


Edit:  If you're interested in the scholarly aspect of the meaning of the Second Amendment, I would suggest looking at the the Federalist Papers. I won't say that I have read them all but I'm trying. I ain't Ivy League, yo!

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