Friday, July 25, 2014

Anti Gun Sentiment - Just more gun hate

I've been researching long range shooting for a while now since that is something that I am NOT proficient in (as if I were proficient in any other shooting sport). I thought it might be good for me to get into. Anyway, while I was watching a video over on Military Arms Channel's YouTube channel (MAC's host seems like a good dude) on their $1000 1000 yard rifle build, I made a mistake. I scrolled down to the comments section.

Then I noticed a comment:

"anon e 
Just another murder weapon people will use to murder lots of people. Why have a gun that can shoot far or have more than one round and a bolt action like there where you can shoot rapidly. Ban these tactical pieces of shit. Not ok you dumb rednecks"
Now normally I would just ignore this kind of comment because it's likely just another idiot troll but if this is legitimately someone's opinion, it high lights a fact that even though people scream all day about demon "assault rifles" and evil handguns there are still people out there who think that even just a single shot breach loading rifle is too much. (longest sentence EVER!)

Interestingly, the comment does contain something that pro-gun people have been saying for quiet sometime. That it doesn't really matter whether the rifle is semi-automatic or even just manually operated, you still have the ability to crank rounds out quickly. These are NOT machine guns, yet the moment you have anything that isn't a muzzle loading firearm you have a minimum of something like 5 to 10 rounds per minute for just a single shot breach loader (like a Sharps). So what good does it do you to ban semi-automatic firearms? No good at all. But I think most pro-gun people know that.

If we pick through the comment a little it makes me wonder if the poster realizes that even if they tried to bust us down the muzzle loading single shot firearms that we'd still be able to shoot "far." The likelihood is though that this person wouldn't even allow Nerf guns. Either way, I'm just going to ignore the murder part. It's not worth my time. Thankfully, the YouTube army stands by ready to counter-troll.

No matter what people like this say, they despise the human right to keep and bear arms and will do whatever they want to try to take it from you, if you let them. Just remember to stay vigilant and keep bearing those arms.

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