Friday, August 29, 2014

Long Range Shooting Update - Look at what I did!

WOOT!!!! I plugged the image into OnTarget PC to calculate the group size. It came out as Max Spread = .838 inches or .801 MOA. That's a SUB MOA group! That said, I think I got a little lucky with it.

Here's a picture of the software's calculations.

And here's the rest of today's shoot.

The first 10 shots I took were at the 12 inch target in the middle firing the Remington Golden Bullet. The group wasn't very good but it was only for a warm up of the gun. After the warm up, I switched to Eley Club Xtra for the next 10 groups of 5 shots each. Each 5 shot group was put onto one of the 10 different 6 inch Shoot-N-C's. The second group (top left) started to look tight but after 5 shots it wasn't that good. The Third group was the SUB MOA group you see on the left middle. After each shoot, I've started pulling the target with the best group for documentation. After running through the groups I decided to put down about 20 more rounds of the Remington crap, all on the 12 inch target. I had made an adjustment to the scope which put the Eley's closer to the middle but put the Remington's high and to the right. Calculations show that I'm shooting around 2.5 inch groups on average.

I think I will take this image and run it through the calculator to see how I'm doing on average.

I now have a new issue. Eley Club Xtra isn't cheap or easy to get.... And I only have one box left.

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