Friday, August 8, 2014

Smart Gun Chop Shop - Improvized Firearms

Recently, I was thinking about what would happen if all firearms sold were required to be smart guns, including long-guns. The idea of a gun chop shop came up as an idea that criminals might come up with if they were forced to make their own guns. They steal them, cut em up for parts, then make their own guns. Maybe.

Improvised guns show up all the time across the world, especially in places where guns are extremely heavily regulated or banned from civilian ownership. Some of the blogs I read have articles on them every now and then. One I've looked at recently was Impro Guns. Hopefully they won't mind a little shout out. When you look at these pictures you'll see just about everything from single shot zipguns to fully automatic sub machine guns and repeating shotguns. Most are usually pretty junky but some actually look reasonably well made. Many are made from scratch with bits found in a local hardware store, while others are made from toys or parts of airsoft guns or even parts of real guns.

No smart gun law, or any gun law for that matter, could prevent these firearms from being made. A great example can be found on Impro Guns' article showing what appear to be pretty high quality, revolver type repeating shotguns seized in China and Taiwan. Both of these places restrict civilians from owning firearms almost, if not, completely. As I understand it, there are very few, if any, exceptions. The likely hood of any state in the US achieving that kind of complete ban on firearms is basically 0. However, that doesn't mean that improvised firearms don't exist or aren't made in the US. You can actually find YouTube videos of improvised firearms very easily. Check out what folks have made. BTW, making your own gun is usually legal in the US as long as it qualifies as Title 1 or you have the proper NFA paperwork completed for a Title 2 (sorry no machine guns). Just make sure you brush up on your local, state and federal laws before you do.

But anyway, back to the chop shop idea. I don't know if the idea would even be practical but the idea is crims would steal folks smart guns for the parts like the barrel, frame and action bits. Nick the gun, cut up the guns quickly, then sell the parts or make and sell an improvised gun on the black market. It would be the same way baddies gut cars for the parts leaving the frame or unibody and sell the parts. Of course it would probably be easier if they just swap the electronics for mechanical bits or find a way to bypass the electronic locks. GPS would likely be easy to defeat since having a GPS receiver doesn't mean squat unless it has a way to transmit it's location.

I actually don't have an issue with smart guns, I just don't like the idea of some elected prick forcing them onto people. Let the people choose.

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