Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Short Day at the Range - Ruger Air Hawk

I pulled out my Ruger Air Hawk yesterday and took it out to the range. It's an older gun but I like it. It has good weight and a nice solid plain wood stock that seems to fit me. The single shot, break-barrel system is pretty easy to use but for a weaker person, one might have trouble opening the action. Unfortunately, the rear sights are skewed. While adjustable, the gun left the factory with the rear sight pegged all the way to the right and the gun still shoots way off to the right. The person at the factory knew this thing was off and shipped it out anyway. No amount adjustments seem to help and the front sight doesn't want to adjust either. Ruger's with messed up open sights? This seems to be a trend...

I had to re-familiarize myself with the air gun but that didn't take long at all. That said, I wish I had a better scope. The original scope rings suck. I will have to take the gun back out and zero it in again. To be fair, this gun wasn't made by Ruger. It was made by Umarex. Still, I can't help but feel like newer Ruger guns have bad QC when it comes to open sights. My American Rimfire's sights are TOTALLY messed up and I had to adjust my MKIII 22/45's rear sight almost all the way over to get it in the bullseye. Before you begin to blame me (which I'm not saying isn't an option) I've had several people look over American's sights and they ALL see the same thing I see. The screw hole for the front sight was drilled off axis several degrees clock-wise and had severe burring; enough that it raised the front sight off the barrel completely. While the burrs can be fixed, the off axis cut can't be without major repairs. The rear sights are also rotated clock-wise the same way but the dovetail cut wasn't cut perfectly perpendicular to the barrel. Thankfully, the bore seems to have been cut correctly since the gun seems to shoot pretty straight. Note that I always shoot from a bench rest when adjusting my sights so I don't think it's entirely me.

The groups from the Air Hawk were pretty good when I figured out where to aim. I will need to put the scope back on and see how the gun truly does.

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