Saturday, September 20, 2014

Long Range Range Day - Ammo Testing

Today's shoot was actually pretty fruitful. I was able to acquire a 100 round box of CCI Mini Mag 40 grain CPRN to test earlier in the week and finally got a chance to try them out. I would have to say they seem to be just as consistent as the Eley Club Xtra I shot a few weeks back. Every group I shot today ended up in around 2.5 inches exactly. It's kind of freaky. 

Several of those groups have three rounds right next to or touching each other (one group has 2 rounds through the same hole) with 1 of the other 2 rounds being a flier and the last being closer to the main group. However, one of the groups seemed to be complete BS. Half the shots weren't even on the 6 inch target... IDK what happened there because the next group had the shots through the same hole. Go figure.

I had another box of this ammo I had bought a few years ago so I have a little over 100 more rounds to test with. I will see if the groups stay the same. If they do that means I can use these as backup ammo to the Eley Club Xtra. The Club Xtra seem to produce groups around 1.8 inches from my rifle but it's expensive at around $13 for 50 rounds. These CCI 0030 seem to be around $20 for 100 rounds and it appears to be easier to find. 

I also took the Air Hawk out for zeroing. It didn't go as well as I was hoping. The scope will need to be replaced as none of the adjustments had predictable outcomes. I found a spot that was close but the gun shot high left. Any adjustments would bring one round close to zero but the second shot would go right back to were I started from. The rings are also junk. I will need to get some rings specific for 11mm dovetail mounts and not these 11mm to 13 or 14mm multi-use rings the gun came with.

I really like the stock on the Air Hawk, BTW. It is SOO much better than the stock on the American Rimfire. I will DEFINITELY be replacing the stock on my American. I will add pics later.

Update: I chose one of the targets for my record book. A rough measure of the group shows the first 3 shots I took produced a group of approximately 5/8 inch. The next shot totally ruined the awesomeness, giving me a total size of approximately 2.5 inches from a distance of 100 yards. The fifth round land about half an inch from the small group between the small group and flier. I tell you, I wanted to stop SOOOO bad after shooting those first 3 rounds. If I had though, that would have been cheating and I can't accept that.

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