Saturday, October 11, 2014

Range Day - Preferred Ammo

I finally had a chance to get out yesterday and put the Ruger American Rimfire to use this month. As a result, it appears that I have found my preferred ammo for this gun; CCI Mini Mags HV 40 grain part# 0030.


The last time I had shot the RAR was a few weeks ago and at that time I was trying to get the gun zeroed for the CCI 0030's. After getting all set up, yesterday, I tried something a bit different. Instead of running 10 rounds of junk ammo at a warm-up target, I went straight into shooting 5 shot test groups. The first group of the day has 2 sub-groups with three 3 rounds close in one and 2 close shots in the other. The larger hole you see to the left of the large group is from a a previous shoot that I had covered up with a sticker. The sticker got knocked off removing the black material with it. I had opted to re-use the 12 inch target since I didn't have extras with me. I was happy with that group.

After shooting that first group on the 12 inch, I ended up shooting the rest of the 6 inch targets. By the time I had gotten to the last target, I had made a few adjustments to the scope to bring it in a little tighter.

You can see that those last groups are pretty decent. The middle target I had reset with black dots to test out an Axis XP with Remington Core-lok 180 grain. I'm not impressed with the rifle but to give it a fair test I will try out different ammo.

All in all, I feel that the RAR is running good with the CCI 0030's. I will see about making that my preferred ammunition with this rifle after a few more runs with it. Midway USA had it in stock this week but I missed the opportunity to buy any. It goes very quick.

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