Wednesday, October 22, 2014

TIL - Proposition H (Derp to the MAX)

Soooooo, today I learned (TIL for those who don't know) that back in 2005, the derpizens (new word) of San Fransisco voted on and passed a ballot box measure to ban the civilian possession of handguns within the city's borders. It would also prevent the "manufacture, distribution, sale and transfer of firearms and ammunition within the city." Basically, they didn't want folks to have access to guns and/or ammo. Here's the funny thing; it got shut down almost immediately. Here's the sad thing; that wasn't the first time they tried this. The first one was back in 1982, which also passed and got slapped down. I guess to be fair, Heller 2008 wasn't a thing yet. Still, pretty amazing.

Check it out here on Wikipedia

Just an FYI. I went out the other day but it was not a good day at the range. The RAR shot way right. So much so that I ended up destroying part of my target stand. I was able to re-zero but I pretty much gave up as the wind really sucked and I was feeling a little dis-heartened and I didn't want to waste the last 40 rounds of CCI 0030. When I got home, however, I decided to fix the scope because when I had mounted it it was just a wee bit rotated clockwise. The reticule should now be closer to level (I don't have the proper tools to measure so I have to do it by eye). I found more CCI 0030 and ordered 200 rounds so I should be good for the rest of October through November.

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