Saturday, January 17, 2015

H&K VP Series - Future Calibers

One handgun I'm interested in is Heckler and Koch's new VP9 but I'm more interested in having one in .40 S&W. Currently H&K doesn't offer one in anything other than 9mm. I took a quick peak at MD's handgun roster to see if the VP9 was even on it yet; well it turns out it is and it appears that the VP9 has siblings. See the image below. Here's a link to MDSP's H&K section of their roster. LINKY

I'm not sure if H&K requested the review by the Handgun Roster board but if they did then maybe H&K set themselves up for future products. I'm under the impression that you actually have to submit the gun for evaluation which if that's the case then maybe H&K already has both a 40 and 45 caliber model made.

Sign me up for .40 S&W please.

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