Saturday, August 12, 2017

ProjectPDW - Testing is Now Finished; Details and Parts List

After several months of work and some outside help, Project PDW has finished the testing phase. With that, I consider this project complete.

Today I took some of the Glock-brand Glock clipazines I had and some Winchester Forge steel case ammo over to the LGS to test for malfunctions. Thankfully, the metal portion of the Glock magazines allow for steel cases to move without too much trouble unlike the polymer offerings from ETS and Magpul.

This alleviated the binding issue at the magazine's bottleneck allowing for reliable feeding. The range was really busy (it usually is on a Saturday afternoon) so I wrapped up pretty quickly. I was able shoot enough to get a good amount of heat built up in the barrel and receivers but nothing intense.

I built ProjectPDW to be a range toy after finding that physically weaker individuals had trouble pulling back the side-charging handle on the Vector SDP Gen 2 I had. I liked the idea of a side charging 9mm large frame pistol that uses Glock magazines that also looked really cool. I later decided that I wanted it to fold up since the Vector didn't pack up nicely with the SB tactical brace it had on it. The Vector had all the street cred and good looks but the difficulty of use by other shooters and the fact that I couldn't use ALL my Glock pattern magazines (specifically the Magpul GL9 17's I have) was annoying. I wanted a large frame weapon in a caliber that isn't a rifle or intermediate size cartridge. This way, a new shooter has all the fun without the concussive blast associated with short barrel .223 ARs and other cool-guy guns. It also saves me money. Usually, they end up using my ammo so this way they can use cheaper ammo than 5.56 but isn't .22 rimfire. It sucked letting the Vector go but I think it was for a good cause.

This is easily the nicest weapon I've put together to date. It runs great even if it doesn't lock back like it should. It still has a few things missing such as a suppressor, red dot sight and a Fostech echo trigger but these are expensive (I want a good optic for it so I'm still choosing) and frankly aren't necessary. I'm looking forward to have some new shooters try this thing out once I get a red dot on it. I'm thinking SIG electro-optics or Holosun. 

Like almost every build I have, the lower is assembled with a JP Enterprises spring kit with Anderson Mil-Spec trigger and hammer. The receiver set is a New Frontier Armory side charging upper with Glock magazine lower. I also use their modular blowback bolt. I forget what buffer I put in but it was a 9mm specific blowback buffer. Same with the spring. The buffer tube is from SB tactical to match the SBM4 arm brace. The 4150 steel 8.3 inch barrel came from Ballistic Advantage with a 1/2x28 thread pitch, onto which I screwed on a Griffin Armament 3 lug adapter. Later a 9mm suppressor will go on. Once I had the barrel, I checked lengths and found that a 7.25 inch handguard would match just right so as to have enough clearance for a suppressor but gives it a full look. After searching, I settled on a SLR Rifleworks SOLO 7". It was sleek and not encumbered with excess picatinny rails on the sides and bottom. It was also just right at 7.25 inch overall length. I topped it off with Magpul Pro flip up sights that I've come to love and MOE+ rubberized grip that will likely be changed out. The final piece of this puzzle was the Law Tactical Gen 3 folding adapter. This part adds length and complexity to any build but makes it worth the price for the ability to stow this build in a messenger bag. 

All in all, I'm very very pleased with this build. It will eat just about any 9x19 I can get my hands on as long as I use Glock magazines or if I'm running brass case ammo then I can use any 9mm Glock pattern magazines I want. This is a small limitation seeing as I can even use the 10 round Glock 26 magazines, a feat that the Vector will never boast. I'm sure that I will add more parts in the future but it will be small stuff like a 45 degree selector switch, red dot and maybe different handguard but for now this build, is done.

Update! I settled on the SIG Sauer Romeo 5 red dot sight.

ProjectPDW - The PDW has finally finished the testing phase. This thing will officially eat ALL of the ammo I typically can get around here. I finished off the testing with #glock mags and Winchester Forge with no real issues. I still have some side testing I want to do with MaxxTech and that Tula grey tip stuff just because those are some of the worst and cheapest rounds on the market but it's not necessary. It's been a while since I started this project and I'm glad to see it done mechanically. It still needs a optic and an Omega 9k but that'll come later. I now finally have a great weapon to take to the range with new shooters. #projectpdw #ar9 #thepewpewlife #ar15 #9mm #freedom #2a #pewpewlife #Winchester #newfrontierarmory #projectgun #rangeday #rangetoy PS - I have some other cool stuff coming down the pipeline. #staytuned
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